Shrine Camp

CLOSED Al BAhr Shrine Camp

Shrine Camp Sign

***** Currently Shrine Camp is closed. It will remain closed during the clean up and rebuilding phases. Neither the public, members of the Shrine, or residents are allowed on site at this time. *****

To our Shrine Camp Residents, The Sun was shining and a light breeze was rustling through the trees on May 21st when I was at the camp for a meeting concerning our well status. Many of our familiar land marks are gone but the camp is coming back to life. There is fresh growth on the trees and new wild flowers reaching for the Sun. The remains of the burned-out buildings and trailers are essentially gone and the ground has been scraped and reshaped to give a more natural appearance.

As of this writing we are midway through June and cleanup is still underway. There were some areas of camp that required some additional scraping, and our revised completion date is estimated to be mid July. I would like to commend Peter Krickhuhn for all the hard work in staying on top of the cleanup effort.

On Friday June 13th, the Al Bahr Shrine attorneys at Gomez Trial Attorneys filed suit against the Bureau of Land Management/BLM on behalf of the Al Bahr Shrine and the Shrine Camp. This complaint does not include nor supersede our cabin owners’ individual claims, which are a different matter. This is another step in the process of getting the Federal Government to step up and do the right thing.

Our team of consultants have been very helpful in providing us valuable information relating to reestablishing our camp. It will never be exactly the way it was, but then again 100 years ago it looked quite different than any of us can remember. This is our generations’ chance to find within ourselves the pioneering spirit that those before us embraced when they first looked upon our camp.

We are hoping to schedule another town hall meeting in July where we can provide updates as to the cleanup, negotiations with the USFS, and status of the Al Bahr Shrine litigation. Please keep an eye out for updates via e-mail, Facebook, and on the Al Bahr website.


David Pirie
Chairman – Shrine Camp Rebuilding Committee
Chief Rabban 2014

Pictures before the fire