Shrine Camp

CLOSED Al BAhr Shrine Camp

Shrine Camp Sign

***** Currently Shrine Camp is closed. It will remain closed to the public during the clean up and rebuilding phases. At this time Shrine Camp residents have been granted limited access. Please read the update below. *****

To our Shrine Camp Residents, At the end of July we met with USFS representatives at camp and we were given an all clear as far as the removal of debris and contaminents. The Forestry asked that we do some erosion abatement to subdue runoff while the soild continues to recover. This is currently underway and consists of straw waddles and wood chips being placed on some of the slopes.

We now have limited access to the Mountain for the purpose of retrieving items from cabins or performing maintenance. This can include weed whacking and other external chores. Please remember to bring your own water.

You are not permitted to use your cabins for overnight stays.

There is still a lock on the entrance, so access is limited. We are putting together a schedule of dates and will publish via e-mail as soon as it is complete.

Work continues with our consultants and attorneys on many issues ranging from insurance values, replacement costs, restoration of services, rebuilding infrastructure, and ensuring that they have all the information required to petition for the best settlement on our behalf.

We are still planning to have a town hall meeting to provide you the latest updates and allow time for questions as soon as we have the needed informations from our consulting teams.

Thank you all for your patience, this is a huge undertaking with several moving parts.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.


David Pirie
Chairman – Shrine Camp Rebuilding Committee
Chief Rabban 2014

Pictures before the fire