Asmus 'Peter' Krickhuhn

Potentate 2022 About


Illustrious Sir Peter was born in 1942 during the second world war. He grew up near Luebeck, Germany. He entered several apprenticeships and was both an electrician Journeyman and also a plumber journeyman. While learning those two jobs, he was also trained in black smithing. He joined the German Airforce in 1965 and became a Drill Instructor and later joined a Hawk missile battalion. He was sent to Southern California in 1966 for technical training at Hughes Aircraft. While stationed in Los Alamitos, in early January of 1967 he met Connie, and they have been married for 55 years. They have 3 daughters, a stepson and 8 grand kids. Peter and Connie reside in Ramona, Ca.

Illustrious Sir Peter received his masonic degrees in Garden Grove, Ca in 1977, where he was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason by his Father in law, Wor. Jim Cruthirds and Past Grand Master, Most Wor. Fred Sorcebal. He joined the Scottish Rite in 1978, where he joined the sound crew and in 1990, he joined Al Bahr Shrine and the Director’s Staff. Peter has served as Master of Santa Maria Lodge in 2001 and 2009 and is currently Vice President of the Santa Maria Building Association. Peter was appointed Director in 2008 and served in this capacity until March of 2019, when he was elected to the position of Assistant Rabban. He has been Past President of the Director’s Staff and Mount Laguna Shrine Club, is a member of the Past Masters Club and the Yacht Club. He also joined the Samaritan Drivers and enjoys weekly trips to Pasadena.



Potentate 2022 Message


Here we are in 2022. And what a year it will be. I have promised to all of you, right after my election to this time-honored office as Potentate of Al Bahr Shriners, that I will try my level best to fill the big boots of Potentates past. The only way I know to do this is to go forward. Of course, this can only be done and accomplished when all of us pull on the rope in one direction. I invite ALL Nobles of Al Bahr, whether so ever disbursed around our wonderful city, country and of course, south of the border, to become one powerful resource to Al Bahr. When combined and sharing our knowledge, we can move mountains and when asked to join a given unit or club, please consider that effort and sign up. Only then can we rise to the level to support our wonderful fraternity.

We have been looking at various ways to engage all our members. In that light I have asked a Noble to scour our rosters and contact all the Nobles who have joined Al Bahr in the recent years but have not found a way to come back and get active. My guess is that we are looking at over 100 Nobles. We will invite those Nobles and any others to join together in a meeting so that we can find out what their specific interests are and how they see their status in the Shrine. With that information, we may be able to re-invigorate and re-purpose units and clubs and may even come up with a new club or two.

I hope that all of you will join me at the next Stated Meeting in April. It will not only be a Stated Meeting with Paella Festival put on by our Nobles south of the border but will be preceded by a full Ceremonial, all put on in our wonderful building. The candidates of that Ceremonial will have a chance to participate in the Stated Meeting and will be instructed to join the club or unit of their choice. When that happens, they will be received with open arms (and put to work). Our first and second Ceremonial Masters and the Director will be contacting all of you to establish a fully staffed Ceremonial team.

All Stated Meetings will be managed by one of the elected Divan members. So, expect contact from them to help in every department. As I mentioned above, only when all of us pull on the rope, can we expect success.

Our building will be rented out again. Starting in February, you will see activities increasing. All of the rental activities will be coordinated by our own rental manager. For details come and ask any one of us.

Rest assured that the elected Divan is keeping a very close eye on of the medical developments and will not shy away from making the appropriate decisions. You can see that the Divan, both elected and appointed will be very busy. If you have time, come, and join us. As my pin says, “KIDS are our Mission” and that will be accomplished by applying “UNITY, RESPECT, HARMONY and LOVE”.

We will have a Happy New Year.
Asmus Peter Krickhuhn
Potentate 2022