Oscar CaÑedo

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Chief Rabban

Dr. Oscar O. Cañedo was born and raised in San Diego, California. Noble Oscar is one of five siblings born to Manuel G. Cañedo and Leonor Castro Green who both emigrated from Mexico in search of a better life in our United States of America.

Dr. Cañedo received his A.A. Degree from San Diego City College and B.A. and M.A. Degrees from San Diego State University. In 1972 he was awarded with the Doctoral Degree from U.S. International University (now Alliant University) in Human Behavior/Communications. The title of his Doctoral Dissertation is Performance of Mexican American Students on a Measure of Verbal Intelligence. Dr. Cañedo is Professor Emeritus from Southwestern Community College, Chula Vista, California where he taught English as a Second Language and Spanish. In addition to his thirty five years in education serving as high school teacher, elementary school administrator, university and college instructor, Dr. Cañedo was elected and reelected to the National City City Elementary School District Board of Education where he served eleven years from 1969-1980.

Noble Oscar O. Cañedo, Ph.D. was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in March 1967 at Normal Heights Lodge #632 F&AM now Unity Lodge #632 F&AM. Noble Oscar is a Life Member of Silver Gate Three Stars Lodge #296 F&AM. In the year 2000, he became a proud member of the San Diego Scottish Rite and the Al Bahr Shriners. Dr. Cañedo is also a Life Member of San Diego Scottish Rite and a Life Member of the Al Bahr Shriners.

Noble Oscar has served Al Bahr Shriners as Vice-President and President of the South Bay Shrine Club (2004), Second Lt. Commander, First Lt. Commander, and Commander of the Legion of Honor (2005). He has served on the Appointed Divan as Outer Guard (2007, 2013) and Second Ceremonial Master (2008). In addition, he was named Ambassador (2011, 2012). Dr. Cañedo was elected Oriental Guide (2014), High Priest and Prophet (2015), and Assistant Rabban (2016). Other Al Bahr Shriners Honors and Unit and Club memberships are as follows: Life Member of the Legion of Honor, Order of Quetzalcoatl, Islanders, Hill Billy Club, and Sons of the Desert.