Al Bahr Shriners

Chartered 1940

The date was May 20, 1946.  Potentate John R. Helk of Al Bahr Shrine Temple proclaimed that a Director
would be named, whose duty it would be, to oversea ceremonial preparation and operation.  Immediately, a group of Shriners assembled in the basement of the Scottish Rite Center on Cedar Street.  They called themselves "The Stage Crew".  Thus, the current Director's Staff was born!
For years following this, their duties were primarily setting up the colorful stage in the remote areas, as well
as in the Temple, and conducting the initiation ceremonials of all the candidates.  Most "old timers"
can remember their "hot sands" ceremonial and found later that it was a member of the Director's Staff,
who kept them from straying from the path.
The group is made up of skilled personal from all branches of the construction field.  They are very proud of all
of their accomplishments.  One of their sayings is, "The improbable we do immediately.  The impossible
takes a little longer.
To get an idea of their projects, take a look around the Mosque.  Start in the front of the building, the base of the statue "The Shriner" was created from concrete masonry, finished in stucco and illuminated with flood lights.
In  the Red Fez room, the huge bar was built, installed and fitted with plumbing by the Director's Staff.
Come to the warehouse in the rear of the main temple, the last two drive-in doors on the west end.  We are there every Thursday when we serve delicious hamburgers to members, Shriners and their ladies. You are Welcome!


 President: Robert L Stuckey
Phone: (760) 789-2566

 Vice President:        
Secretary/Treasurer: Ron Jaenisch
Phone: (858) 675-8286


The Fourth Friday of each month at the warehouse in the rear of the main temple,
the last two drive-in doors on the west end.
Call the President for times.